First Release Candidate of Sql Server 2017 Now Available

First Release Candidate of Sql Server 2017 Now Available

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First release candidate of SQL Server 2017 now available

This is awesome. I love open source and I run Linux on my desktop machine, but MS Sql has always been an incredibly powerful tool and this is honestly a day I never thought would come. About to spend a night playing with new toys…

Key Features

  • Linux support for tier-1, mission-critical workloads – SQL Server 2017 support for Linux includes the same high availability solutions on Linux as Windows Server, including Always On availability groups integrated with Linux native clustering solutions like Pacemaker.
  • Graph data processing in SQL Server – With the graph data features available in SQL Server 2017 and Azure SQL Database, customers can create nodes and edges, and discover complex and many-to-many relationships.
  • Adaptive query processing – Adaptive query processing is a family of features in SQL Server 2017 that automatically keeps database queries running as efficiently as possible without requiring additional tuning from database administrators. In addition to the capability to adjust batch mode memory grants, the feature set includes batch mode adaptive joins and interleaved execution capabilities.
  • Python integration for advanced analytics – Microsoft Machine Learning Services now brings you the ability to run in-database analytics using Python or R in a parallelized and scalable way. The ability to run advanced analytics in your operational store without ETL means faster time to insights for customers while easy deployment and rich extensibility make it fast to get up and running on the right model.

Direct link to Ubuntu install